Thursday, October 29, 2015

Casting Call: Ian Page

Like many people in the world I like to take fiction and design my cast around it. My own writing often comes with a sense of casting early on as I attempt to visualize the figures I'm writing about. In Casting Call, I share my thoughts of who would make the perfect actor to bring a character to life.

Ian needs an actor with depth and range. I've been more than impressed with the work of Nicholas Hoult both in his more blockbuster movies (the X-Men franchise, Mad Max: Fury Road) and in his edgier or more artful work (Skins, Warm Bodies). I think he has all the range to play Ian, although he might need to play a figure a bit more meek than the other damaged figures he has played.

Nicholas Hoult. From a Flaunt magazine photo shoot.

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