Thursday, June 30, 2016

Walking Shadows Book 3 Chapter 24. Kaihime

Kaihime’s cybernetics gave her reflexes just above a normal human. If it wasn’t for that reaction time either she or Alli could have been seriously injured. She quickly threw up a force shield just as the shockwave from the explosion hit them. Her teeth rattled, but she was alive as the billow of dust and smoke surrounded them.

Alli looked up at her, the shock apparent in the other woman’s eyes. She clearly didn’t grasp they were in a war. People would get hurt. GENESIS wouldn’t rest until they had what they wanted.

“What the hell happened?” Alli choked as she delivered the words.

The air was still filled with dirt and soot despite the field around them. Kaihime’s shields were meant to allow oxygen through. Clearly they weren’t perfect for blocking the aftermath of an explosion. Still, the alternative seemed much worse.

The circuits around her neck shifted and formed a rebreather over her mouth, complete with a voice modulator.

“For some reason, the home exploded as we approached. Whether it was GENESIS or the young woman we seek, I cannot answer.”

“GENESIS is already here?” She coughed again, but this time she clearly breathed through it.

The air was clearing as the smoke slowly wafted off the damage from the house. Still the billowing clouds around them made sight almost impossible.

“They could very well have the same information we have. We don’t know how far into the Codex they have accessed. We’re honestly lucky GENESIS’s private army hadn’t went after them as soon as they failed to take your friends.

“Fuck,” Alli said. “We’re already too late.”

“Not necessarily.”

Kaihime pointed through the smoke ahead of them. Though vision was still limited, a single female form seemed to glow from the other side of the damage. She was thin, barely a slip of a woman. As the dust settled and the smoke cleared, they could see she was barely a woman at all. She looked much younger than Kaihime was herself, barely eighteen if even that. Everyone else GENESIS was after had at least reached their twenties. She wasn’t sure what to make of the young woman in front of them.

From here, they could also see the armored men at her feet. Though their flak jackets and helmets were burned and cracked, their uniforms were easily recognizable. Whatever had happened here, GENESIS had indeed beat them to the punch.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

With a little help from my friends... and fans

We interrupt the regular Walking Shadows posts for this announcement. The new chapter will kick off Thursday.

The life of an independent author is not always an easy one. When the profits from your books aren't enough to live on and you find yourself off your other job because of leg injury, things get rough. That's the situation my family and I have found ourselves in for the last couple weeks. With no income coming in, we're in dire straits.

Because of that, I've set up a GoFundMe page. I'm asking fans, friends and family to help us out in our trying times. Even if you can't spare any money (a problem I understand all too well), please consider sharing the campaign and help more people see our troubles. Every little bit will help see us through a few more days.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Casting Call: Peach

Casting Call is a feature where I choose the actor or actress I consider ideal for my character. This isn't a demand to any future producers, but the actors I see in my head when I'm writing.

Peach is actually a hard character to find an actor for as well. Covered in tattoos, I would basically need a Suicide Girl to really make the character work with minimal makeup. But instead of going that route, I decided I would find a natural redhead that has also shown a willingness to sit in a makeup chair for long periods when necessary.

It doesn't hurt Karen Gillan also has a monstrous fan following that would probably love seeing her as a sexy tattooed woman.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

River City History: Atom City

As Dell and Hannigan took control of the city’s mobs, River City started down a new financial path. New mayor Paul O’Halloran worked with the federal government to set up the installation of two atomic power plants near the city. While the project started in late 1951, it wasn’t until nearly three years later that the structures, dubbed “Atom City” were completed.

Keith Spencer was a professor in the area that taught the young college students being brought on site for the new facility. During one test, Spencer was exposed to deadly amounts of radiation, but miraculously survived.

It wasn’t until Spencer returned home from an extensive physical that he discovered he might be alive, but he was changed. With a clap of his hands, he became faster, stronger and tougher. A fan of the mystery men of the 1940s, Spencer made the decision to use his powers for good. He donned a garish red-and-blue costume and named himself Captain Flash. In his very first mission as a costumed crimefighter, he would save the entire city from an atomic bomb dropped by a former Nazi scientist at Atom City. It would instantly make him hugely popular citywide.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Walking Shadows Book 3 Chapter 23-7

Sessily immediately dropped to her knees again. Her lips touched the cleft of hair between Rosa’s legs. She gently kissed across Rosa’s pubic bone, even as she brought her fingers up and glanced them gently between the lips of the Latina’s labia. Rosa gasped for air as the smooth easy touch found her clitoris. But it didn’t remain, just moving over it for a moment before Sessily pulled it away to gently run it again outside Rosa’s nether lips, before slipping it back past the edges of her vulva.

“Please,” Rosa moaned.

“Please what?”

“You know what. Please.”

Rosa saw the dancer looking up at her, even as Sessily kissed at the thin dark hair at the cleft of her legs. Sessily stopped long enough to say two simple words: “Say it.”

“Please touch me. Please. I need it. I want you to make me cum.”

Sessily grinned, the joy in her conquest apparent. Rosa didn’t care. She knew what she needed. She was so close. She was putty in the dancer’s hands. She wanted Sessily’s touch like nothing she ever felt before.

But Sessily didn’t move her fingers to the Latina’s clitoris. Sessily shifted her body. Rosa’s eyes widened as she felt the edge of the dancer’s tongue across the sensitive nub. Rosa’s fingers wrapped into the long red hair as Sessily worked across her like no man ever did. She changed from gentle pressure to harder pressure, moving her tongue with a practiced rhythm. The redhead had done this before. Rosa didn’t care with who or why. She just wanted her to bring her over the edge.

Her tongue was bringing Rosa almost to the edge. Sessily wasn’t teasing now. She wanted to bring Rosa to orgasm. It was only a matter of time. Rosa reveled in the delicious waves of pleasure that washed across her. She wanted to feel Sessily’s touch forever. As the dancer slowly worked her index finger deep into Rosa’s vagina, the Latina could no longer hold back. She didn’t want to hold back. She wanted to feel this sensation over and over again.

Every inch of her body suddenly exposed with sensational pleasure. It was far from her first orgasm, but it was stronger than anything she ever felt before. Her legs shook. Her vision blurred. It didn’t seem to stop.

Awash in pleasure, she yearned for the moment to continue on forever and ever.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Walking Shadows Book 3 Chapter 23-6

Sessily slipped down to her knees, her eyes locked with Rosa’s. She stopped to hold Rosa’s hips again, her face level with the white underpants Rosa wore. Rosa was slightly embarrassed by them. They weren’t a thong or lace or anything sexy. They weren’t loose, but they were large, something warm for the cool air of the oncoming winter.

But they were damp. Rosa could feel the wetness on the cloth, a wetness she left on them. So could Sessily as the dancer ran her fingers along the moist cotton. She smiled more broadly as Rosa reacted to the feel of her fingers through the cloth. Sessily’s fingers against her labia, even through the cloth, made Rosa’s knees weaken again.

“God, you’re hot.” Sessily’s words broke the hush of the room. Rosa didn’t know how to respond. Those words weren’t what she expected from the gorgeous dancer. She was nothing like Sessily or the woman at Lumber Jacks. Yet somehow Sessily seemed to find her attractive. It didn’t make sense. She opened her mouth, ready to question the redhead. But she never had a chance.

As Sessily lowered her mouth to kiss the growing dampness of the cotton, Rosa could only let out a long slow groan. Sessily’s hands came up to pinch Rosa’s nipples again.

Rosa didn’t know what to do. Her legs were growing weaker. She didn’t think she could stand up much longer. Sessily’s touch was overwhelming her. She never felt anything like this before. She never heard anyone say anything about her appearance with as much meaning as the three words Sessily gave her. And she couldn’t resist the overwhelming wave of lust and emotions racing through her mind and body.

As Sessily finally shifted the damp line of cloth away from her vulva, Rosa could only stare down at her. As the dancer’s fingers slowly moved across the edges of Rosa’s nether lips, her lips ran gently over the patch of hair just above them. Her knees trembled beneath her.

Sessily clearly detected Rosa’s unease. The dancer rose up long enough to wrap her hands around Rosa’s waist.  With surprising ease, the redhead lifted the Latina off her feet. Three steps later, she pushed Rosa down onto her bed. Rosa was initially shocked, but the dancer showed she was far from done.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Walking Shadows Book 3 Chapter 23-5

Her worries washed away as Sessily pulled the bra open and down Rosa’s arms. She twisted the bra as she brought it down Rosa’s back. Rosa found her hands suddenly pulled back and restrained. She could do nothing as Sessily leaned in and slowly ran her tongue across her right nipple. Rosa’s heavy breathing turned to a moan as Sessily slowly took the hardening bud into her mouth. Sessily released the restraint as Rosa felt her body react. She could already feel the moisture between her legs, even though Sessily hadn’t even touched her pants.

Rosa’s hands found her way into the dancer’s dark red hair. It was surprisingly smooth despite its disheveled status. Rosa found herself wrapping her fingers around it. She held it fast as Sessily nibbled at the nipple in her mouth. Rosa had always been sensitive there, but no one had ever touched her with the expertise Sessily did.

Her mouth pulled away and Rosa instantly felt a longing for Sessily’s touch. But a second later, it enclosed around her left nipple. Sessily brought her teeth into play and Rosa gasped at the sudden bite against her already sensitive breast. She held Sessily’s hand in place, even as the dancer’s fingers found their way down to Rosa’s hips. Rosa felt Sessily hitch her fingers in her waistline. She opened the snap on the pants with a swish of her hands. A moment later, Sessily was yanking Rosa’s pants to the floor. Rosa thought she should resist, or at least play a little hard to get. But the feel of the dancer’s lips on her nipple and the brush of Sessily’s hands against her skin made Rosa unable to do anything but revel in the pleasure.

Sessily released Rosa’s nipple from her mouth. Rosa looked down at her face as Sessily looked up for the first time in several minutes. The smile on Sessily’s face was that of a person clearly proud of her work. The dancer knew she had Rosa on the hook now. And as much as Rosa yearned for some kind of control in this situation, she knew she truly wouldn’t accept any. She wanted Sessily’s touch. She wanted to let the dancer do anything she wanted with her. She reveled in the pleasure the redhead brought with every touch.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Walking Shadows Book 3 Chapter 23-4

Rosa was no prude. She had kissed plenty of boys and men in her life. But something about Sessily’s lips were different. They were soft and full, still bright red from the lip stain she used. They were cool, but as she let herself kiss the other woman back, they seemed to ignite the same flame inside Rosa she saw in Sessily’s eyes.

Rosa felt a tongue slip between her lips. She opened her mouth, let Sessily’s tongue intertwine with her own. She felt her knees go weak. She had kisses before, but never had she met anyone that kissed like Sessily. She felt her body react, but she didn’t know what to do. A man she could control. She could understand how to get pleasure and give it with Keith or one of her lovers back in Mexico. But Sessily was different. She didn’t know how to act or react. Her knees felt weak as she felt Sessily’s hands on her hips. They held her fast, as if the dancer knew Rosa was unsteady on her feet.

Sessily pulled her lips away from Rosa’s mouth. Her head dipped down and suddenly she was kissing and nipping at Rosa’s neck. She could move at several times the speed of sound, resist the pressure of air whipping against her skin, but she couldn’t help but sigh in pleasure now.

The dancer’s hands slipped up to the front of Rosa’s shirt. They found the buttons down the front. Within a matter of seconds, Sessily had popped open the top half of them with a practiced ease. Her lips slipped from Rosa’s neck to her shoulders as her hands continued to open the shirt.

The lips on her shoulders found their way to the front of her chest as Sessilly opened the last button of the blouse. Without pulling an inch away, Sessily yanked the blouse down Rosa’s arms. It dropped to the ground as Sessily’s lips reached the top of Rosa’s bra.

Rosa’s passion was replaced with worry as Sessily’s hand found the clip on the front of the brassiere. Her breasts were nothing like Sessily’s or Mel’s. She was barely a B cup, while they were full figured beautiful women. She wasn’t like them. Sessily couldn’t find her as attractive as all those women she worked with at the club. She feared the dancer would stop, leave her in this state like none she felt before.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Walking Shadows Book 3 Chapter 23-3

Sessily smiled broadly.

“What? What did I say?”

“You’ve seen pretty much all of me. Without this robe, I’m just a nude dancer that hasn’t managed to get dressed. Not that it matters. Half this city has seen me naked. But one thing I’ve gained in my years at clubs like Jacks is a good eye for beauty. And I’m thinking you would have been smoking hot covered in spandex.”

Rosa felt herself blush. She couldn’t control it anymore. She wasn’t sure she wanted to. Something told her losing control was all she wanted.

Sessily moved close to her. “Do I scare you, Rosa?”

“No. No. Definitely not. I just—I’m confused.”

“What confuses you?” Sessily was maybe two inches away from her. Rosa couldn’t take her eyes off her full lips, still painted red from Lumber Jacks. They were succulent. Beautiful. Enrapturing.

“I-I’m not sure.”

“If you’re not confused, then do what you want to do. There is something you want to do, isn’t there, Rosa?”


Sessily’s hand touched her arm. She couldn’t stop the shiver that ran down her spine. Her touch was electric. Rosa felt it race through her body.

Rosa backed away a step. She needed space if she was going to think. “What do you want, Sessily? You came here to hide out, but this doesn’t feel like that.”

“I’m here to stay safe. I didn’t lie about that. I have men that want me dead. They sent those assassins to the club, because they found me and want to finish the job. I thought I was safe, but it’s clear I’m not. But just because I’m hiding out doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun. I like fun. Who doesn’t like fun? But this isn’t about me anymore.” She stepped closer again. “You didn’t answer the question. What do you want to do?”

Rosa stared into Sessily’s eyes. She could see the fire in them. She suspected her own eyes showed a similar gleam.

She reached out and grabbed Sessily by the hand. Rosa pulled the other woman to her. A moment later, her lips touched Sessily’s. Immediately it felt like the only thing in the world.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Walking Shadows Book 3 Chapter 23-2

They both fell silent. Rosa looked at her feet, but she felt Sessily’s eyes on her. They seemed to bore into her soul. She knew this woman had seen a lot in her life, but all her fears and worries seemed to fall by the wayside. Her only focus was on Rosa.

She resisted the urge to shiver. She knew if Sessily touched her, she wouldn’t be able to stop it. Something about this woman drew her in. She couldn’t begin to understand how or why, but she knew she needed to break this tension somehow.

“Would you like a tour? It’s not much, but it’s home for me now.”

Sessily smiled as Rosa met her eyes again. “I’d love one.”

As she lead Sessily around the apartment, she realized she really didn’t have much to show. With only a pair of chairs in the living room, a few loose dishes and a table in the kitchen and a rather plain almost unused bathroom, she only had the bedroom left. Even it was nearly empty, with only her bed and an armoire she brought up from Guadalajara.

That wasn’t the problem though. Suddenly she found herself alone with Sessily in the bedroom. Rosa didn’t know how to escape the awkward situation. She didn’t even know if she wanted that. She felt the heat radiate off Sessily as they stood side by side, only a few inches from one another.

“I guess, that’s really it,” Rosa said. “Sorry, it’s not much.”

“It’s lovely,” Sessily said. “Simple. It’s clear you haven’t been in town long.”

“This is true. I moved here only a little over a week ago.”

“Where from? Somewhere in Mexico I’m guessing.”

“Guadalajara. It was my home since I was born. I just—I realized I had no reason to stay there any longer. I decided I wanted to move north of the border. Mi madre was born in Texas and she had me in a hospital just north of the border. So I technically was already a citizen. Made the move easy, even if American immigration are rude as heck.”

“I wouldn’t know. But I can believe it.” She turned towards Rosa. Though she was a foot away, Rosa couldn’t decide if she wanted to push Sessily away or draw her closer. “Do you have any plans here in River City? Any goals?”

“Not really,” Rosa said. “Get a job so I don’t have to live off what little savings I have. Try to figure out what I want to do with my life now that I’m not dressing up in spandex every day.”

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Walking Shadows Book 3 Chapter 23. Rosa

Rosa didn’t both to explain the solid block of wood carved into her makeshift door. She just quickly put her keys in the deadbolt and lock to open it. She almost fell into the room with Sessily right behind her.

The dancer hadn’t moved more than a few inches from her since they arrived at the apartment building. She seemed dangerously close. Rosa wasn’t quite sure why it bothered her so much. It felt like heat radiated off Sessily’s skin. It intoxicated Rosa in ways she couldn’t quite comprehend.

Is she using some kind of power over me? Why can’t I seem to draw away from her when I’m this uncomfortable?

Sessily ran a hand through her dyed red locks. It was a wild mess, matted by sweat at the club but cooled by the chill air as Rosa ran them home. She wore only a pair of heels, her torn fishnets and a long t-shirt. Her robe had been lost in their hurried escape from the club. She took a step away from Rosa, but immediately shivered.

She feels like fire to me, but she’s clearly almost freezing from being outside dressed like that.

“Stay here for just a second,” Rosa said. A second later she was in her bedroom. She grabbed up her robe from the hook on the closet door. Another second later, she stood back in front of Sessily.

“When you say just a second, you really mean just a second.”

“I guess so,” Roxi said. She helped Sessily climb into the robe. Sessily pulled it tightly around her.


De nada. This kind of thing used to be old habit for me. But the whole hero thing is long behind me. You can spend the night here, but we’ve got to find you some help tomorrow.”

“That’s fair,” Sessily said. “I’m already intruding on your life so much. Your boyfriend and Mel are still out there. I’m sure you’re worried while I’m keeping you here.”

“He’s not my boyfriend.” Rosa couldn’t quite understand why she led with that. “Keith and I are just friends. It’s too new for either of us to call each other boyfriend or girlfriend. But I know he can handle himself. Mel seems tough too. I’m sure they got away alright.”

“Yeah, Mel’s a wily one. With her talents and Keith’s police connections, I’m sure they will mop up Jacks in no time.”

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Casting Call: Doppelganger

Casting Call is a feature where I choose the actor or actress I consider ideal for my character. This isn't a demand to any future producers, but the actors I see in my head when I'm writing.

Doppelganger's basic appearance is chalk white and more alien than man. He's like a blank featureless slate that would need to be accomplished through computer graphics or, preferably, makeup and prosthetic technology. I can think of only one actor willing to wear prostheses that can also do amazing work in this film. A bonus of course will be that much of his work would only be voiceover work from when he has transformed.

His name is Hugo Weaving.

Sadly, he may have to shave his awesome beard though.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Walking Shadows Book 3 Chapter 22-4

The woman leaned in close. Her eyes seemed to glow with a dark energy in the dim light of the sedan. “Nothing about this Peach and her powers jogged your memories? You don’t recall anything about the coven or what they tried to do to you.”

Ian grimaced. His head hurt as her words forced him to navigate the broken corners of his mind. He clutched at his forehead, but he could only shake his head in response.

“Answer me with your words, Ian.”

Through gritted teeth, he said, “I don’t remember them at all, mistress.”

“Remember, Ian. What do you remember of the coven?”

“I-I remember Locke. I remember him killing men and women I know. I can’t remember their names anymore, but I remember they were important to me. He murdered them all because he hated me.”

She smirked. “Good. Do you remember the rest of the coven? You and Locke were not the only immortals after all.”

He met her eyes. He stared deep into them. “I remember you, Sandra. You were among them. You used me. You manipulated me into betraying Locke. You caused so many deaths. But I escaped you.”

“You tried, dear boy. You made it last for a few years at a time. But I always found you. You were far too useful to me. Someone of your power under my control makes my life so much easier.”

“But you aren’t in control of your own destiny anymore. There’s someone else now. Someone that can resist your power. Someone that has control over you.” The memories seemed to open in his mind, even though they were still blurred by the haze in his head. “You couldn’t stop him and you couldn’t escape him. I tried, but something brought me back. Someone I can’t quite recall.”

Sandra nodded. “Your memories are better than you thought, Ian. Your mind just needed a bit of prodding I suspect. But you’ve disobeyed me. That cannot happen. What did you just call me a moment ago.”

“Sandra. That’s your name.”

“Not for you!” The volume of her words caused an echo through the sedan.

“No, mistress. I’m sorry, mistress.”

She lifted one of her heels up in front of her. They were leather. Flashes of memories came to him again. But these were ones that made him shiver.

“You know what to do, Ian. Show me how sorry you are. Serve me.”

Ian sank down off his seat. He sat on his knees in front of her. Though he wanted nothing more than to stand and slink away, he couldn’t control his actions. No matter how hard he fought, he could not stop himself from bending forward. He could not stop himself from taking her shoe in his hand. He tried to pull his head away. To stop himself in anyway. But nothing worked.

Ian hated himself as his mouth opened and he slowly started to lick the leather around her feet.