Saturday, February 27, 2016

Walking Shadows Book 3 Chapter 17-3

Rosa glanced towards Keith. His eyes were glued to the stage as he watched the beautiful woman work her magic on the stage. Rosa wondered for a moment if he would look the same way at her if she chose to wear such an outfit, even if she wasn’t sure her modesty would ever let her.

“She’s really hot,” Rosa said. “And everyone seems to know it.”

Keith nodded. “She’s been around for a few years. She’s worked in films and stuff too, and made quite a name for herself before she decided to move back to River City. She really helped put Lumber Jacks on the map.”

“You certainly are quite knowledgeable on this subject.”

Keith shrugged. “Like I said. I’ve worked this beat before. I’m not going to pretend I haven’t visited this place on a night off now and then. I’ve been a young single male for a lot longer than I’ve known you, Rosa.”

Rosa smiled and laughed. “Don’t get so offended. I was just teasing you.”

Keith nodded. He looked at her a moment before she turned back to the stage to watch the rest of the show. She saw him quickly turn back to watch Sexi do her work as well. It seemed clear Keith really liked the star of the show. Rosa wasn’t sure she could ever offer him anything Ms. Bach did onstage, but she hoped she would never have to. He didn’t seem like the type to expect her to act out any fantasies that might come from a place like Lumber Jacks.

Sexi Bach worked her way in front of a table where a pair of young men in their early twenties were waving around large bills. When one slowly slipped a twenty into her thigh highs, she pulled at the fishnets on her chest. She held the grip out to him. With a smile, he took the fishnets and ripped them off her, leaving her completely topless. The crowd roared again in approval.

She turned and danced her rear to the audience again even as her hands worked around the edges of her bottoms. The previous two girls had stopped at just removing their tops, but Sexi seemed to have no qualms about revealing everything. She slowly bent forward, raising her butt into the air before she slipped the panties down to her knees. She gyrated her rear as she slowly pulled her undergarments down over her boots.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Walking Shadows Book 3 Chapter 17-2

They worked their way through the growing crowd and found a table of two just a few feet away from the stage. From here, they couldn’t really reach the dancers, but they could easily watch and get up if they wanted to interact with them. Rosa figured it would be the best place to watch and not have to interact with any of the women. She wasn’t quite sure what she would do if one bumped or grinded in front of her.

As she sat and watched, she was a bit surprised to find herself far from the only female here. She saw several young women on their own, but she saw even more couples taking in the show. Apparently a lot of young locals found dancing naked women a welcome evening entertainment choice.

The driving metal beat started to transfer into the twang of country music. The P.A. hissed for a second before the DJ came on with his announcement. “Give it up one more time for the Caliente Cuties! But it is that time now, folks, as the biggest sensation on this side of the nation takes the stage. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Sexi Bach!”

A dark skinned woman with long beautiful hair sauntered onto stage. She wore an abbreviated pair of pink shorts and a matching bra. Though the bra was made of more cloth than a lot of the other dancer’s garb, a large hole was cut in the bottom of it. She wore a fishnet bodysuit over it, one that matched the fishnet thigh highs she wore. A pair of pink cowboy boots and a wide brimmed hat finished the outfit.

She swung a lasso as she walked out of the back, but beside that, Rosa saw little that was country western about her act. The music was some kind of melding of traditional country and rap, with a thick southern drawl from the singer. Sexi Bach worked her way down the stage as she danced, whipping her head from side to side and turning to shake her ample posterior at the cheering crowds.

While this woman was clearly older than the previous dancers, it was equally clear she knew how to control the crowd. They seemed to be in a fevered pitch for her before she reached her hand behind her back and unclasped the bra. She pulled it away and dropped it to the runway, her nipples sticking out against the fishnet top that remained.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Walking Shadows Book 3 Chapter 17. Rosa

Rosa had certainly not known what to expect when she walked into the club with Keith. She had expected something a bit dingy and dark, but after they paid and walked in, she found herself in a surprisingly bright room. A long stage shaped like a V was at the far side of the room and two women clad only in very abbreviated thongs pranced down either runway as the crowd cheered them on. One woman was white with shocking red hair of a color found nowhere in nature while the other was a Hispanic woman with a poor blonde wig. None of the people around the stage seemed to care about the states of the dancer’s hair though as they waved dollars as the dancers shook their breasts and behinds at them.

“We don’t have to stay if you don’t want to,” Keith said. “I’m not sure if this is really your scene.”

“What? No, we can stay.”

He smirked. “If we’re going to stay, you’re going to have to drop the deer in headlights look. You look like you’ve just seen a ghost.”

“I am just a bit shocked. I never actually went to a place like this before. It’s just—well, different, from what I expected.”

“Lumber Jacks is fairly upscale. We’ve got a lot seedier places in the city that might fit your image more closely. Here they follow the laws or at least act like they should. Some of these places have drugs out in the open backstage and you can tell every dancer from how long the trail of heroin scars on their arms are.”

“How pleasant.”

“Sorry. You work in River City as a cop long enough, you have a few too many strip club stories.”

“I suppose so,” Rosa said as she surveyed the room. She saw no sign of Mel anywhere, although she did catch sight of a few slightly more clothed dancers working their way through the crowd.

“You sure you want to stay?”

“Of course,” Rosa said. “I wanted to experience new things when I came to River City. This certainly qualifies. Besides, I got to at least say hello to Mel before we leave.”

Keith nodded, but Rosa could detect a hint of distrust in him. He wasn’t as sure about the club or Mel as she was. Rosa figured he saw Mel as a troublemaker after their meeting at lunch, but she suspected Mel was just a bit high strung. Besides, it would be in poor taste to accept an invitation and not wait for the raven haired beauty’s dance number.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

River City History: Gail Porter

Gail Porter first rose to fame as a reporter during World War II. With much of the male staff of the paper gone to war, the Daily Star desperately needed new staff. At the age of seventeen, Gail took up her family’s camera and started a career of investigating some of River City’s toughest criminals. Being young and beautiful, she often could use her looks to get into situations others might not. The rest of the time, she mustered her never-ending fearless streak to work her way into even the hairiest situations.

After the war, she faced greater and greater competition from the returning workforce. Despite years of critical success at the Star that continued even into the end of the decade, the boy’s club at the newspaper ultimately worked against her. By 1950, she was back working at the smaller much lower profile Daily Chronicle. While at the Chronicle, she learned of the Red Hawk and his burgeoning criminal enterprise.

Against the orders of her editor in chief Glen Grant, she went into the Red Hawk’s many clubs and hangouts. Hiding her past as a reporter, she fell in with the girls of Red Hawk’s most trusted hitmen. Ultimately she dug up enough dirt to put most of Red Hawk’s empire away for a very long time, but not without exposing her identity to the criminals.

Forced into hiding, Gail Porter knew she would need help if she hoped to escape death at the hands of the Red Hawk and bring his gang to justice. Jonathan Jones became her saving grace. The drunken P.I. was a shadow of his former self, but when he stumbled upon an assassination attempt on Porter, he quickly found his old grace in combat. Seconds after meeting Porter, three men were dead, all at the hands of the Crime Crusader.

Jones found himself on the run with Porter. He initially tried to leave the city with her, but found that every attempt to leave met with more death. Police, traffic workers, firefighters and paramedics were all under the Red Hawk’s purview. Anywhere he turned, Jones risked his own death. Up against a villain with as firm a hold on the city as any of the monsters that tried to rule it in the past, the Crime Crusader found himself running out of options.

With some reluctance, Jones informed Gail they only had option left: they would have to take on the Red Hawk head-on. And the source of their entry into the Red Hawk’s world would be a twelve year old girl.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

River City History: The Crime Crusader

Meanwhile, a new face rose to prominence in the city. His name was Jonathan Jones. He first came to the city in the mid-1940s as a G.I. furloughed after taking a slug to the thigh. Though the injury caused no lasting impediments, it caused Jones a great deal of pain in the years after receiving it.

A military police officer, Jones quickly secured a private investigators’ license. Though he participated in the regular day to day activities of a P.I., his focus quickly became the city’s organized crime. He busted a pair of crime rings early in his career, which caused the newspapers to dub him the Crime Crusader. But it wasn’t a name that hung well on his shoulders.

He fell into alcohol for the second half of the 1940s. By the dawn of the new decade, he was barely functional and his business just scraped by, a shamble of its former self. It would take a woman that entered his life to straighten him up and bring him to the attention of the city’s greatest criminal, Red Hawk.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Walking Shadows Book 3 Chapter 16-8


I pulled away only slightly as I felt him swell on my tongue. My mouth suddenly filled with his release. My body shook even as I worked to swallow it all down.

I heard Harry’s own grunts behind me. I knew the sight of Franz’s release had pushed him to his own brink. I reached back with a hand and grabbed his ass. I pulled him tighter against me and held him deep inside me. I felt completely full as he released deep inside my bowels.

He continued to push into me, fighting to prolong his own orgasm as I looked down at Saul beneath me. Solomon’s brother remained as impassive as when I first laid eyes on him. But as I met his eyes, his lips slowly tightened. He smirked at me as he released my hips, but continued to thrust up into me. His hands fell to the side of the bed. I closed my eyes and took control. I forced myself up and down him, effectively riding him.

Harry pulled out of me, but I didn’t care about anything but my continued ride upon Saul. I was lost in him, awash with almost perpetual orgasm.

I felt Saul shift beneath me, but I didn’t open my eyes. I ran my hand down the scars across his heart instead, even as his hand reached up and pulled me down into a kiss.

I was in his embrace, when I heard Franz suddenly grunt again, even though he was away from me. I heard motion all around me, but Saul held me fast as he continued to kiss my lips. I opened my eyes and tried to look up, but all I could see were Saul’s dark eyes. Only now the whites of his eyes were gone, replaced by solid red. He stared up at me and for the first time I realized the smirk wasn’t happy as much as it was malevolent.

I pulled my lips away from him, but I could not move his head. He held me hard against him, stared up into my eyes.

“Let me go,” I murmured into his lips. But he showed no signs of even hearing me.

A loud thump pulled my vision away from those haunting red eyes and to the floor beside the bed. I could only whimper into Saul’s lips as I saw the still naked form of Franz. His body convulsed spasmodically. His eyes were open, but they had no sign of life behind them. Sores and lesions covered him from waist to neck. Blood and pus leaked from them as I could only watch him die before me.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Walking Shadows Book 3 Chapter 16-7

I whimpered, but as Franz reached down to caress me, the whimpers started to turn to moans. I still hurt, but somehow the pain was being washed away by the pleasure brought by these men. Behind me, Harry pushed me forward and towards Saul.

The stranger continued to make no noise as he pushed into me again and again. As Harry moved me into Saul’s grip, he hefted me up into the air. Far stronger than his thin frame would indicate, he lifted me up into his arms. A second later, he turned and dropped back to the bed. Now atop him, I felt him impale himself even deeper inside me.

I whimpered again, but the pain was negligible. I was awash in bliss as Saul reached places no man ever touched before. As he continued to ram himself up and into me, I felt something cold and liquid behind me.

Harry wasted no time working his finger against my rear. Before the Survivors’ Club, I had never thought of the area as a point of pleasure, but it was now months past the day Solomon convinced me to try. I tried to hold still as Harry worked first one than another digit inside me, but Saul’s constant motion beneath me made stillness almost impossible.

Moments later, none of that mattered to me. As Harry withdrew his fingers, I felt his manhood press against my backside. My moans grew louder as he entered me. People rooms away probably could hear me now, but I didn’t care about their reactions just as they didn’t care about my own reaction to their carnal delights.

Franz appeared in front of me again. “Too loud,” he whispered. Moments later, his own manhood was directly in front of my face. I opened my mouth and moaned as another wave of pure bliss overwhelmed me.

I was lost in my own pleasure. I didn’t even care about the delight of the men around me. All that mattered was the wave after wave of orgasm that overtook my body. Every ounce of me was overwhelmed by my own delight.

I closed my eyes and let it wash over me again and again and again.

I don’t know how long they all worked me, but it was Franz that was the first to break in his concentration. As I worked him with my mouth and throat, he groaned.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Walking Shadows Book 3 Chapter 16-6

Franz leaned forward and his tongue flicked at the cleft between my legs. I was already wet and I moaned as he found the tiny nub and flicked across it. Before I came to the Survivors’ Club, I certainly had my share of lovers, but few were as talented with their mouth and hands as many of the men—and women—of the club. Franz took special pride in his tongue play. I could only moan as he started to work me into a frenzy. Only Audrey had shown as much talent as he at pleasuring a woman with his mouth.

Harry pulled the sundress over my head and left me naked but for my high heels. Saul finally leaned in towards me. His expression was still passive at best, but his kiss sent an electricity through my body. Harry returned to kissing my shoulders and the back of my neck even as his hands reached forward to caress my exposed breasts. Saul’s tongue worked its way between my lips even as Franz’s tongue worked its magic. His fingers parted my nether lips.

Finally the sensations were too much. My legs shook as my orgasm overwhelmed me.

I collapsed against Harry, who continued to kiss my back. Franz smiled up from between my legs. He pulled away, wiping his mouth with the back of his hands. With a sigh of contentment, I reached back and felt the gift between Harry’s legs. I felt the long thin shaft grow even harder in my fingers.

Saul was suddenly naked in front of me. I hadn’t seen him take his clothes off, but my eyes weren’t much use when I was awash in orgasmic bliss. I looked at his naked body and gasped at the scars across his lank frame. While he was all muscle despite his thin build, large jagged scars formed a thick X directly over his heart. They cut down in thinner stripes all the way down to his thighs.

I caught only the slightest glimpse of his manhood before he slammed it into me. I gasped in pain and shock. It was larger and longer than anything I ever took in my life, even during my many excursions into the Survivors’ Club. I tried to push him away from me, to give me time to get used to his girth. But he had no mercy as he forced himself into me again and again.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Walking Shadows Book 3 Chapter 16-5

Saul’s face stayed strangely passive even as he delivered his compliment. I didn’t quite know what to make of the enigmatic figure. Solomon sometimes seemed aloof, his emotions reserved for his physical connections. But Saul seemed almost devoid of personality, only presenting the shade of one when he needed to, like now.

But none of it was taking the joy of having three men rally for my affections. If I had learned anything in the Survivors’ Club, it was how to take control in a situation like this. The joy of not just waiting and hoping for a man to make the effort to woo me was amazingly empowering. and all their attention gave me an idea.

“Gentlemen, I think you’ve all got lascivious ideas on your mind. Lucky for you, so do I. However, I would like to try something new.”

“Do tell,” Franz said as the other two men listened carefully.

“I have been with more than one gentleman here before, but I have never had three men show me attention at the same time. I hoped none of you would mind if  you shared today. I suspect I can find a way to make it worth everyone’s while.”

“Of that I have no doubt,” Harry said with a chuckle. “I’m in. I am game for anything.”

Franz leaned in, swept me back and kissed me. Letting me back up, he simply said, “I have far more kisses than that to rain on you tonight.”

We all looked to Saul. He simply nodded and swept his hand to the left. A bedroom door was open. I took Franz and Harry by the hands as Saul led the way into the open room. I knew even without Solomon I was in for an experience like none I ever had before.

Though the bed was a bit small for the four of us, the men wasted no time. Saul slowly started to disrobe as Franz and Harry surrounded me on the bed. They started to pull on the buttons of my sun dress. Harry started to kiss the back of my neck as he opened the top buttons of the simply lightweight cloth, Franz let him continue even as he sunk down to his knees and hiked up the hem around my waist. He found I hadn’t worn undergarments. The move might be scandalous in polite society, but I learned from months in the Survivors’ Club that they served only to get in the way when desire took control.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Walking Shadows Book 3 Chapter 16-4

“Franz, you’re always so full of it,” I said.

“My brother just wants to speak of your charms,” Harry added. “We were beginning to think we would have to wait for dear old Audrey to finish her greetings, trapped in anticipation. Instead, we get your beauteous self, dear Meredith, and we hope a prize like none other.”

“Harry, you could charm the pants off any girl. What are you even doing in our club?”

He threw a hand on his brow. “I cannot imagine a world where I do not get to bathe in your glory at least once a month. A line of ladies might be nice, but a chick as fine as yourself is a rare thing.”

I laughed at his forwardness, but I knew Harry meant every word. Everything about him was a search for beauty and clearly I was just another beautiful thing for him to interact.

“You boys both clearly want some time alone with me, but I’m not sure if I’m willing to pick just yet. Besides, neither of you has introduced me to our new friend here.”

Franz and Harry turned to the third man. Franz smirked as he said, “I thought you would already know Saul here. After all, he’s Solomon’s brother.”

I obviously reacted with widened eyes at the mention of Solomon’s name. Saul simply nodded behind his dark glasses.

“I’m sorry if I seem a bit shocked,” I said. “I thought Solomon was an only child. He always talked as though he had no family.”

“That doesn’t surprise me,” Saul said. “Solomon always likes to keep his life a bit guarded. While our parents are long dead, he’s certainly not without family. Our dear sister is also in the world, though she’s been living off the beaten path for the last few years. Last I heard from her, she was somewhere in Montana. I didn’t even know anyone actually lived in Montana.”

I smiled and nodded. “It’s quite nice to meet you, Saul. I apologize if I have insulted you in anyway. I just didn’t know.”

“It’s quite alright, my dear girl. I was a regular at parties like this quite some time ago, but I have been traveling for the last few years. I am something of an amateur archaeologist. I just happened to return in time for my brother’s Solstice celebration. I must say I hadn’t expected to meet anyone quite as lovely as you here though.”

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Walking Shadows Book 3 Chapter 16-3

I reached the end of the hall with no sign of Solomon, but a final table of drinks offered me everything I needed for a White Russian. A few men were already around the makeshift bar, drinking rum and Coke out of full size glasses. I wondered for a bit if Solomon was running late, but Audrey would have told me if her co-host wasn’t here yet. Knowing he must be otherwise occupied, most likely with another young lady, I turned my attention to the men around me.

While I still had eyes for Solomon, one of the rules of the Survivors’ Club was no attachments. While repeated encounters were certainly alright, it was frowned upon to monopolize anyone, especially over multiple meetings. While I took delight in my physical connections with Solomon, he certainly wasn’t my only lover among the members of the Club. Audrey and Jolene had both interested me into their Sapphic circles, while even Solomon hadn’t been afraid to share me with friends and fellow club members, sometimes while still with me.

Two of the gentlemen around me I knew from previous meetings were decent lovers. They both turned their attention to me as I sipped my drink. Franz was German by birth, but came to the United States shortly after the end of the war as a teenager. It left him with a faint sexy accent. Harry was a bit of a beatnik, his full beard and long hair out of the norm among the men of the club. They formed a loose circle around me, along with a third man I didn’t know.

The stranger was of indeterminate age. His dark hair was obviously died, but his gaunt face made guessing at an age almost impossible. He wore dark lenses over his deep set eyes, but he stared at me with an intensity that made his attentions for me clear.   

“I just got here, boys. But it looks like you’re all raring to go.”

Franz smiled at my forwardness. It wasn’t my natural style, but it worked well inside the club. I could have what I wanted here, when I wanted it and that sense of power was unlike anything I knew in day to day life. The men seemed to embrace it, most likely because they knew they would enjoy the results.

“We have arrived too late for many of the festivities. It seemed for a moment we might be forced to celebrate the solstice in somber reflection.”