Thursday, September 1, 2016

Book 3 Chapter 26-7

She reached out and grabbed him by the arm. He was thick and muscular, which made getting a grip harder with her smaller hands. Pain responded to the touch, though his mind was still in a haze from the nightmare. He blinked repeatedly as he tried to recapture an understanding of his surrounding.

“What is this? What did you do to me, you little bitch!”

“I just made you live your worse nightmare. But I can free you from it. I can help you escape.”

“There’s no escape. You aren’t going to talk your pretty little body out of this one. On a normal day, I’d like to play with you a little. Take a little lovin’. But I don’t got no time for that. I only got time to break you. Then because of your buddy downstairs, I’m going to have to deal with about a hundred cops before I get away. You’ve fouled things up bad for yourself. This could have been quick and easy.”

“It will be quick,” Melinoe said. “But nothing is ever easy, not when mortals are involved. Even those cursed with long life.”

“I don’t understand a word you’re saying, bitch.”

Pain reached out for her throat, but Melinoe turned and ducked under him. He was big, but he wasn’t particularly fast, a saving grace against her abilities. She summoned the magical power into the hand still on his bicep. She felt it surge, even as she put him between her and the support wall.

Then she pushed. Not just with her arms, though she used them too, but with the force she summoned from the nether realms. The energy surged forth.

Pain’s eyes widened in surprise as he was pushed off his feet. He fell back, his body snapping the supports with the force. A moment later, his body seemed suspended over the city. He seemed to hover there, the magical force still pushing him out.

Then he fell. As the wind whipped across her face, Melinoe watched her would be killer—her would be rapist—tumble towards the pavement a thousand feet below. He would survive the fall—in great pain—but not for long. The geas would pass soon enough. Pain would find his death, and only one assassin would be left to eliminate.  

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