Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Book 3 Chapter 27-6

“Okay, I can accept Marilyn is some experiment you created. I can accept Cyrus got in your way. But why chain him to the wall? Why bring me here? You could have just taken her and left the rest of us alone. Now you invite the rest of my new friends to come after you.”

“They have no chance. I was easily able to hide us from their view once. Besides, I suspect they have far more trouble ahead of them than little old me. GENESIS still wants you all. And I gave them all the information they needed to trap the rest of your little friends.”

Ian said nothing. It was already clear to him Saul would give him all the information he needed. The man clearly saw himself as far too perfect for subtleties.

“The Composite will rise, but it will be a new life. It will be weak. It needs power. It could take weeks for it to take final form and have the strength to sustain it. But I can easily circumvent that. If The Composite latches onto you, it can steal your ability. The godling is a source of pure energy. One touch with your powers would guarantee our success. The Composite would rise and we would take our leave. The next you would hear of us would be our rise to power.”


“I have bided my time for centuries, Ian. I have watched the world grow too large for its own good. Nations rise and nations fall, but they consume resources needlessly when such things could be better used for greater purposes. The world needs a firm hand. It needs someone to take control. With guidance, this world could become a paradise. I have worked for over a century to guarantee that the man that would bring this about would be me.”

“Other men tried, all with far larger forces than anything I see from you. Hitler, Stalin, Ragnarok. None of them could do it. No amount of power could bring them a victory over every nation in the world. What makes you think you can take control? How do you expect every nation to fall in line so you can rule the world?”

“Because, I will wipe out six and a half billion people to do so.”

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