Thursday, September 22, 2016

Book 3 Chapter 27-5

Saul smirked at Ian. His bemusement and the reason for it were clear to Ian. His memory loss entertained Saul. Ian couldn’t help but think he should know exactly why Saul wanted all of this, but the memory was too elusive. No answers were coming to him. Whatever knowledge might be locked in the recesses of his mind, it would be of no help to him now.

Saul turned and looked down at the floor at Cyrus’s feet. Ian could see his friend was hurt and exhausted. But this was the first time he noticed the strange puddle on the floor. At first glance, it might have looked like some kind of strange oil. The liquid was awash with colors, slowly shifting as it seemed to shift across the floor. But the movements were clearly not just a flow down an imperceptible dip in the floor. The amorphous blob shifted on its own. Ian couldn’t hide his horror as he realized this object before him was alive.

“See someone you recognize, Ian? Your foolish friend and his female companion walked right into my trap. It took only a few seconds for my associates and I to secure them. They didn’t even put up a fight. Now you can finally watch that foolish harlot you’ve had in your midst as she takes her true form.”

Ian turned back to Saul. “You act like you’ve worked everything out, but I’m still lost. Are you saying that thing on the floor is Marilyn?”

“I’m saying it is an amorphous being. I worked hard to create it over sixty years ago, but somewhere along the way the host body failed to receive its gift. Another mind took control over what would have been my most perfect creature. Now I’ve unlocked the true power within the creature, unleashed the minds that were meant to rule over the body. Your dear friend Marilyn was just a figment, a dream. Now there’s only The Composite.”

Ian turned to Sandra. “Seriously, I wish I could remember meeting this guy before. He’s monologuing like a comic book villain. Does he always do this?”

The controller simply smiled and shrugged.

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