Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Book 3 Chapter 27-4

Everything around them shook at the impact. Ian could see bits of dirt and dust crumble off the wall. Whatever shook the room had been incredibly powerful and very loud. Ian suspected he knew the source, but it made no sense for him to be here now.

Saul threw open the door to the room. His stoic expression was gone, replaced by abject fury. A figure hung on the far side of the open chamber. It was dim, but Ian saw it was indeed Cyrus. He didn’t know how the young god came to be here. He only knew his friend had put a kink in Saul’s plan.

Saul moved across the room at blinding speed. He wasn’t as fast as Rosa, but he clearly was far faster than any normal human. A moment later, he was next to Cyrus. Saul drove a fist hard into the side of Cyrus’s head. The blow landed with a resounding thud. Cyrus already looked terrible. He slumped forward as the blow was landed.

Ian slowly entered the room after Saul. He had a chance now. With the right move, he could end Saul. He might lose Phoebe if the other man died. He would have to be careful. He creeped up behind Saul as he thought about the power that made him El Sanguijielo in Rosa’s eyes. One touch could drain Saul’s power, but he would have to be careful not to kill the other man. He wasn’t sure he had that control, but it was his only hope.

“I don’t suggest you do anything foolish.”

Just a few steps separated him and Saul, but none of it mattered as both men turned towards the new voice. Sandra stood in the doorway. Ian wasn’t sure how she got here without making a sound or him seeing something. But she wasn’t alone.

Phoebe stood beside her. She still wore the hat she picked up earlier. In fact, she would look perfectly normal if not for her vacant eyes. Sandra’s control was complete, but that didn’t stop Ian.

“Phoebe, are you alright?”

She said nothing. Ian knew he shouldn’t be surprised, but he could already see how this complicated everything. Sandra’s power kept her silent and compliant.

He turned back to the other man. “What is this, Saul? What do you want from me? What do you want from Phoebe and Cyrus?”

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